After-Halloween Scare!

(Backstory: My finance and I were invited to her friends late Halloween party. It’s in a new part of Montana I hadn’t been to before, so figured it would qualify as a travel story)

This all started when the girls who’s house my fiance and I were staying at (just outside BigFork, MT, next to a storage facility and barn that are firmly believed to be haunted) finally stopped laughing in the other room and settled down. Me and Katelynn Davis were laying on the floor in the living room when we heard a huge thud on the floor that sounded like it came from underneath the floor, just between us and the bedroom where the girls were. It sounded like someone fell off the bed, so we asked if they were ok and they’re eventually like what? we were one hit the floor. We try to shrug it off, but only until Kate and I hear what sounds like a piggy bank rattling. I’m like it’s probably the little one [the kid] awake again and grabbing his bank – only to learn that he doesn’t have one, and that the giant bottle that is his actual bank is empty.
Not too long later, there was another huge thud that the girls heard too. The girl whose house it was was like the house never settles and the furnace doesn’t pop and the vents don’t shift or anything. So she came out and was looking around the livingroom with a flashlight, when we hear a tingling as something hits the floor. She whips the light to the chair by the hallway, and a dog leash is laying on the floor, looking as if it had just been thrown from down the hall; but it was draped over the back of the chair it was next to. And it was probably 2-3 ft from the chair, so its not like it just slipped off the back. Kate and I also heard a mild growl from roughly the vicinity of the vacuum that was right at our feet. There was a dog in the house, but it doesn’t make a sound.

At this point, we’re like ok, there’s legit something going on. So we investigate for a few minutes, then the two girls decide they’re gonna go back to bed and leave us with the flashlight. They go back into the bedroom and Kate and I hear a pretty distinct knock on the wall where it meets the ceiling, so I ask if the girls hit the wall in there and they say no. (Pretty sure) one came out and looked and I pointed with the flashlight where we heard the knock. As I’m panning the light around the top of the wall, I look at where the curtain rod is coming undone from the wall, and right in my light there’s another knock. It was windy, but this was very different than a pinecone or anything falling on the roof. 1 – there was no rolling sound or residual thumps after the initial hit, and 2- it was a solid ‘knuckle-on-wood’ knock that was just underneath the roof. Now, we heard a few others throughout the night, and we could differentiate an outside knock from an inside one. These two were either on the inside, or inside the walls. Other noises from around that same front window were definitely from the outside.

Now, somewhere in here, I think right after the leash incident, I have the dumb idea to be like ‘der, this is corny and stupid, but I’ll do it anyway; “if there’s anyone here, make your presence known” ‘. ..yeahh.. at least I learned from my paranormal shows and resisted confronting it and saying “leave her alone!” when Kate started feeling things touch her and whisper to her.. that later..

The girl whose house it was (Corie) went out and did a sweep around the outside and see what the noises might have been. While she was out, we heard two distinct taps come from the back of the house, just underneath the window on the outside. The other girl there swears she saw Corie’s flashlight go around the other corner of the house before we heard the knocking, and Corie swears she didn’t tap anything outside. When Kate and I finally left at 2am, I had her shine the light towards the window, and there was nothing that could’ve hit it acceidentally – 5+ ft from the deck or closest tree. It was windy, but a tree wouldn’t have had only two knocks the same strength as the other, anyway.
The four of us decide it’s best to stay together in the living room so we can keep an eye on things and eachother. That must have channeled our energy or something, cause stuff took off from there.
Despite preconceived notions about age and its structure based on appearance, it was a very solidly built house. So there was no settling or generic little house noises we all just shrug off. That aside, later, we were gathered together in the living room with the lights off, cause the most activity really did happen when all the lights were off, when we suddenly hear something hit and fall off the table! So we scream and jump back as I fumble trying to find the flashlight button with my thumb. I finally get it on and shine it on the table, but of course we can’t see anything. So I quickly turn on the overhead light and we look to see what was out of place. We decided it sounded kind of like a bottle cap, but a loud one at that, and found a bottle cap on the floor. Unfortunately we couldn’t decide whether or not it was already there, cause I mean who keeps track of soda caps at a party? We keep looking around and theres a little wooden block under the table – the childs kind with painted letters on it. There is a toddler in the house, but the girl whose son it is swears that block wasn’t there before the noise. Kate’s theory was that the lid wasn’t tight on the soda bottle and the carbonation built up and blew it off. Not bad, but I realized after we left that if indeed the cap was on the bottle, which we don’t think it was, that the soda was already way too flat to have had enough carbonation to build up and shoot the cap off if it was that loose, since the air would’ve been able to escape around the cap. Again, that’s assuming that the soda wasn’t as flat as we thought it was – but it was pretty gone, lol.

As we’re all starting to calm down after the dining room incident, we congregate in the opening between the kitchen and dining room (which is covered with fake cobwebs, lol). Corie has a bottle of water in her hand, her friend has both hands busy with a bowl of rotini, and Kate and I are just on the other side of the cobwebs, maybe 3 ft from each other. I go to turn out the light to try to recreate the sound from the table – the light is out barely a second when Kate shrieks. My hand wasn’t even off the switch yet, so I flip it back on in time to see a nickel finish falling to the ground directly between us and start spinning in place for a few seconds until coming to a rest with all of us looking at eachother with looks of “wtf, whoever did that is not funny!” ..Problem is, three of us are pantsless, and the fourth has nothing in their pocket – no where to keep change, that frankly, none of us had anyway! The only food that was bought was with a Wendy’s gift card. Even more weird, cause it means something was right next to us, was that the nickel fell with the angle of being dropped almost straight down, with only a mild forward momentum.

At some point in the night we decided that the action mostly happens with the lights off, often including the flashlight. The exception to this being small noises heard from the bedroom when we were all in the livingroom (including the dog), the dog whipping its head around towards the source of a small hiss we heard, and another massive ‘thump’ in the play area behind the couch where the two girls were sitting.

So later on we’re sitting on the couch, minus Corie’s friend who tried going to bed again, and we decide we should turn the dining room light off again and the flashlight – the only light now coming from the toddlers room. It’s not long before we hear another coin hit the floor in the kitchen, just 3 ft away from my spot at the end of the couch. I whip the flashlight over there and see a dime spinning with the momentum found only if it had been tossed from right next to me! We’re all still pantsless and coin-less, mind you. We all start freaking out and wondering if its a different coin or if its the nickel that flew off the table. I shine the light on the table and sure enough the nickel’s still there. Guess the bright side is that we made 15 cents that night, lol. Money literally was materializing in front of us. Now, I even went back into the room to see if the other girl was actually messing with us and threw the dime, cause it happened when she came out to join us [she sees is and was like nope, thats why im not out here] and she swears there isn’t even any change in that room.

While all this is going on, Kate is intermittently feeling people touch her when we’re not and feels like someone is right next to her when I’m a few feet away. She told me not to touch the left side of her head, and I raised my hands to show her that I’m a foot behind her on her right side and not touching her at all. I always put my head on her left shoulder when i hug her from behind and when she was sitting alone in the dining room she felt like my head was there. Instead of waving my hand frantically and angerly, I just lightly waft next to her, as if to dissipate any entity that might be there and silently but purposefully take my post behind her chair with my hand on her shoulder..

The night is kind of winding down (relatively) when I’m finally like, ok, I’ve finally had the crap scared out of me, I’ll be in the bathroom. After a few practical joke scarings of eachother, we all call a truce and simmer down. While I’m in the bathroom I hear what sounded like somebody picking up and dropping the stove and the 3 girls scream. I’m like ok, thats not funny, but it could be real, I dunno… So I go out and at first I can’t get a 100% straight answer about what happened, but eventually we had all heard the same thing.
That seems like a no-brainer statement, but we had several instances where one or two of us would hear something that no one else did. Kate heard baby cries and laughs, and at least one of the other girls heard the laugh, while I didn’t hear anyone. Kate also swears she saw a figure [eerily right behind me!] next to the toddlers tv on top of the dresser.
So with help of a flashlight guide to the car, Kate and I finally run to the car and leave [through the heavy set of trees out front that the Corie’s friend and I swear we saw glimpses of shadows run between at the very beginning of the night] and spend the night driving around part of Kalispell looking for a place with low or no light so we can attempt to sleep in the car. ..which failed, btw..

I’ve always wanted a paranormal experience..until I learned when I was younger that spirits can attach themselves to people and not just objects or places, lol O.o


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