Fill-Up of Destiny

I’ll go ahead and start with stating that I’m on the fence about the theory that our lives are predestined. I believe in God and consider myself Christian, but as far as having your ENTIRE life set in stone, ehh…

But during my epic road trip last summer now [its hard to believe its been almost exactly a year since I got to NY now..] I had an experience that is hard to describe in any other terms than divine intervention.

I was driving back and in the middle of the night I stopped for gas because I get paranoid if   I hit even a 1/4 tank left and am in a sparsely populated area.
From NE to central MT I don’t even like letting it drop below half. But this time I was in either Ohio or Indiana. Those three states or so kinda got mixed together from being awake and driving for 16 out of 18 hours…
So I took an exit to find some gas before I got closer to Chicago or far enough between towns that it went up 20 cents. So I exit off and have to go off the path a bit and I figure, yeah ok – I wanted adventure and it’ll give me a chance to see some country beyond the interstate. I end up hitting a small round-a-bout and take the left and go past a small airport – at least that’s what the sign said, I couldn’t see anything and couldn’t tell if it was a runway or just a field. Not positive I was going to hit the town soon enough to make it worth the trip, I doubled back and hit the round about again – only to end up giving it one more shot and headed back the way I had just gone.

I’m pretty indecisive like that.

Anyway. I make it to the town and pull into the station and slowly find my wallet and put my shoes on – it was summer and my feet get hot easily. No one likes being in a car for 4 days with nasty feet – even your own! There was no real reason for my delayed getting out of the car. I wasn’t sluggish and dragging myself out and I wasn’t the hyper/anxious I had been almost the whole rest of the trip ( from basically living off of energy drinks/Mt. Dew Voltage, and caffeine mints).

This is where the intervention comes in.

I get out and head into the store to pre-pay, because I don’t (and still don’t) have a credit card. As I cross to the next pump over, I notice the guy pumping is on the phone and it’s the kind of call where you’re really not paying much attention to anything else you’re doing. He gets back in his car, but has one leg out still, so I’m thinking he’s just sitting while the gas finishes – – Nope. He puts the other leg in and starts the car with the nozzle still in his tank. Luckily he had his window down, so just as he starts to pull away I run up and yell “woah, woah, dude! You’re still attached!” He stops and gets out, still on the phone, and fairly nonchalantly goes “thanks, man”. I’m just like “yeah, no problem”.

No big “ohmygosh, thank you so much! can’t believe I almost did that!”.

It was like he dropped his wallet and I told him before he kept walking.

I walk in the mart and the guy behind the counter and some other guy at the counter were both looking out the door behind me, simply to see what the noise was. I just point my thumb behind me and go “guy almost pulled away with the nozzle still in. and I’m getting $20 on four.”

You don’t need a medal every time you do a good deed.

I pulled around and sat at the side of the store for a few minutes and had a good long thought about what just transpired. If I had been 2 seconds sooner getting out of the car and walking over, I would have passed him before he pulled away. If I had been 2 seconds later, I wouldn’t have ran up and caught him in time.

After I settled myself a bit, I pulled out and continued on my way. To this day I don’t know the name of the town – I don’t even remember what state I was in, but it doesn’t really matter. I just happened to be a good Samaritan who was at the exact right place at the exact right time.


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