Welcome to Minnesota…now go east.

After resting up at my sisters house in Nebraska for a few days and forcing myself back into the stuffy little car, I headed north and began my last leg of my trek home [to Montana] [from New York]. I’m not sure if I opted for the scenic route, or just happened to stumble upon it, but either way I had found myself on a highway much more fun than the dry, old interstate headed north from Omaha. With bright sun, luscious green scenery all around, driving on a road paved over and around the hills instead of slicing through them at speeds that bring out the racer in anyone – it was probably the best driving experience I’ve ever had in Nebraska!

Nebraska fields

The scenic route

Soy beans, as far as the eye can see!

Soy beans, as far as the eye can see!

When it came time to get back onto the interstate (29, I believe it was), for whatever reason my mind was like “noo, it’s way too early enough to turn west. I’m going to end up being taken across Nebraska”, so I continued on past the exit. As I went, I steadily had to keep telling my increasingly worried mind that I would see a sign for I-90-W, or one that would indicate I was too far north and just needed any road west. Right when I had said to myself ‘hey, I wanted adventure!’  I look to the right and see “Welcome to Minnesota!” – – too much adventure.

I do still regret that I wasn’t as adventurous as I wanted to be or as absorbent of any local color or attractions as I possibly should’ve been. I was very ‘to-the-point’; I had to be back by this date and only had this much money. Now that I think about it, stopping and napping for the night and watching the sunrise over the Bad Lands would’ve been quite the experience – especially if I had set up my camera. But entering into Minnesota triggered more of a need for course correction and fear of “when will I find a town with reasonable gas prices” – even though I still had half a tank – than a feeling of elation and being on an adventure.

Only a few miles into Minnesota, I hit almost a literal wall – all the roads going north were closed, and the only road going west looked like a tractor access road that probably just led to somebody’s farm, if it went anywhere at all. I came up with their new tourism slogan – “Welcome to Minnesota! All our roads are closed, so please feel free to explore East”. So, I headed East, not knowing how far I had to go and hoping the Detour signs wouldn’t run out. It was slow going, mostly compared to the highway. But it got alot slower when I came up to this guy…

junk trailer

..seems safe..

You know you’re going too slow when a logging truck passes you. It simultaneously amazes me and doesn’t surprise me that this guy didn’t even bother to throw a bungee cord over it. He merely figured, ‘nah. with the weight of it all it ain’t goin nowhere’. It was a fairly bumpy and pot-hole-filled road in some parts, too. Drove behind him for a few miles just staring in disbelief and amazement before finally snapping the pic and going around him. Because to the best of my knowledge, he really didn’t have any kind of rope or anything.

I finally got around him and made my way over to Minneapolis before finally picking up I-90 and some gas.

Fueled up, I can finally start heading in the right direction…slowly. True to prairie fashion, the going was slow due to a massive head-wind. Then to add insult to injury, the weather was quite grumpy – windy, cold, rainy..it even went so far as to tell all the driver’s how it felt..

cloud middle finger

a different kind of bird!


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