The Journey of 1,000 Miles…

7 photos per HDR-set, and about a dozen sets...

7 photos per HDR-set, and about a dozen sets…

Most of my journey so far has brought me round-trip to and from Montana. Nestled in the middle of a few valleys is the City of Missoula. Of course, “city” being a relative term. The mountains all around give us many magnificent sunsets and variable, often strange weather. Even though it is Montana and sometimes things are as few and far-between as people around the country think, Missoula and the surrounding area is unique in it’s own way; in that, once you leave town, it’s not 100+ miles of flat nothingness until the next town, like eastern MT and the Dakota’s can be. That’s not to say that it’s not beautiful country out there. I’ve driven from NY to here and back several times, and much of the scenery [or “scenery”, depending on your view] is truly awe-inspiring. it really gives you a sense of perspective on how big the country really is, and in turn, the world.

Setting Sun

Coming home after trying to drive non-stop from Nebraska, I was excited when I neared Montana’s eastern border because I thought, at least I’m back in my own state now! Calling my Dad at a rest stop was a little more sobering when I realized I still had almost a days worth of driving to go, just across the state. Now, that may sound like a horrible, god-forsaken experience to some, but I can definitely say that I have no regrets doing it and it really was an experience worth having. I only with I had allowed myself to deviate from my time-table even just a little to stop at a few more attractions along the way, such as the Bad Lands in eastern Montana, that was only maybe a dozen or so miles off the highway (not counting doing the ‘loop’ around the state park). I came back underfed, overtired, but under budget!

[Hopefully this can get the ball rolling! I’ll keep adding my stories, good and bad, and I hope that anyone can find this feels free to share their own stories of vacation and adventure! The internet is full of incredible images taken from all over the why stop now?!  ..I’m also fairly new to blogging and site-design, and am working on a way that readers can submit their own stories as actual posts and not just comments.. 🙂 Enjoy, and happy travels!]


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